Eat Well Live Well, Age Well is an entertaining yet informative book that lets people of all ages understand and embrace how and why we age, with strategies that help each of us live life to the fullest as we move on in years. One of the greatest accomplishments in life is to accept the things you cannot change – while still doing something about the things you can change, before it’s too late!

Eat Well Live Well, Age Well conveys that there is no such thing as “anti-aging” – there are no miracle creams or cures to turn back time, and while cosmetic surgery may be an option, nothing entirely stops the clock. Living well is the only way to survive and endure the aging process. Growing older is inevitable, but we can learn to embrace it, and make every day of our lives wonderful by developing lifestyle habits that work.

Eat Well Live Well, Age Well shows that whether you have a lot of money or a little, if you retain energy and enthusiasm, which cannot be bought, you can age well. Like a fine varietal wine, you will become better with the passage of time. Physically, emotionally, and professionally, we all have room to learn and grow. By following the simple concepts outlined in this book, you can dramatically reduce the stresses that contribute to energy drain and premature aging.

Eat Well Live Well, Age Well addresses the realities of aging, posing the questions we all have about getting older, and provides practical solutions. What we often take to be negative aspects of aging will be accompanied and countered by strategies to live well, age well. Fun tips, innovative approaches, and informative solutions for combatting age-related issues will be provided, and interactive chapter sum­maries ensure that new information is applied, not merely read.

Eat Well Live Well, Age Well draws on scientific research that shows prom­ising results about how we can stave off the ill effects of diminishing physical capacity through improved food choices, medical inter­ven­tion, life­style, and emotional behavior change. With a positive attitude toward aging, and by understanding the aging process, we can dramatically improve the quality of our lives. Mental attitude and how you see yourself today plays a huge role in keeping you feeling youthful and vibrant for all your days to come.

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