What Clients Are Saying About Patricia

You have been such an inspiration to me. I started eating well, cutting down on my sugar, red meat and junk food intake, and I started doing 5k races. I lost weight and I feel so much better and feel good about myself. Thanks so much !!
Bruce Weiss, Staten Island, NY
Patricia has been an exceptional resource for nutritional guidance and support for my patients seeking help. Her clear recommendations, using simple, easy to use examples, provides meaningful consultation and substantial results
Brian Flyer, M.D., Los Angeles
Patricia Greenberg’s books and seminars have been a fantastic education for me on the importance of maintaining quality and balance in my daily food experience.
Bert Green, Bert Green Fine Art, Chicago
After a job loss and 6 months of poor eating, I began exploring the foods I was eating and realizing that some poor choices may be the reason for my ‘blahs’! As a relatively healthy eater I was interested in soy and other such products that I had never really embraced or tried. I began with purchasing The Whole Soy Cookbook by Patricia Greenberg. What an awakening! I found myself excited to try out many of her recipes as well as the ones in her dessert cookbook. I even reached out to her and she was so helpful in putting together some weekly meal plans to incorporate the foods I liked. Feeling good and healthy takes a village sometimes along with self-control and an inquisitive spirit to branch out and try new things. I can’t say enough good things about Patricia Greenberg and how she enhanced my village. I can’t wait to buy her new book and learn even more.
Cheri Lasher, Chicago
In the past seventeen years I’ve had expert Patricia Greenberg in many of my health stories. She has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the nutrition community. Not only can she easily speak on up to date topics, she is a great chef and food stylist too.
Lori Corbin, Eyewitness News Food & Fitness Coach, Los Angeles
Patricia has been an amazing inspiration to me and in my development and progression in my weight loss and life journey! She truly knows her craft and makes sure that she is thinking of you with every recipe and every moment of inspiration she provides! I’m truly blessed to know her!
Jenny Morrisey, New Jersey